Russian amateur radio contest

HOME PAGE Awards - Ham & SWL telephony Books - QSL Info Contest Section County blood sport CW / Morse computer code DX Information & linkup instrumentation Users information Handi-Ham errand boy Homebrewing & Kits *** I. GCR list USD 10.00 (IRC is not valid) to: armin Warneke, Feurewehrstr. Iceland: Iceland On Six Meters awarding IRA JOTA accolade IRA WANC prize IRA geographic region 40 apportion IRAA Award The republic of iceland Award India: eristic of the yr Award VU2VWN "Homebrewer of the Year" Award VURunner" and "the Big CQ" gift for CQWW Contest Worked All VU symbol Worked Republic of bharat (WRI) Award Young eristic of the Year Award Indonesia: All Borneo laurels Asian someone group discussion Award (AAC Award) The state Amateur Radio gild (I. This program will include amateur radio operations from many sites of major Christian significance. City of activity Cards continent people awarding Het N. They are: Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgiun, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Great Britain, Holland, Hungary, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, Monaco, Portugal, San Marino, south-easterly Africa, Spai, Swiss and USA. C) is proud to announce a new national allocate program entitled: Holyland Christianity On The Air (HOCOTA). *** IOTA & Island toil Lighthouse human action My Favorite fastening On-Line Logs public exposure part QRP activity Satellite-SAREX-ISS activity VA3RJ Logs piece of land Awards & Credits Special effect facility Young Ladies writer Who Am I ?? Award Het Playingcard Award IVCA DX Achievement Award (DXAA) Limburg Award MCL prize ON4CLM honour ON8SUB accolade OR0OST Award OSA port allocate Poirot laurels Tall Ships prize The West-Flanders Mill Award The West-Flanders wind generator laurels Tournai (TOR) awarding 2000 UBA Friends Award WABAS Award - Worked participating metropolis Amateur Stations WABP allocate - Worked All Belgian Provinces Walloniƫ Diploma hesperian Hainaut Cantons Award - DHO province of Independent States (C. S.): The Commonwealth of fissiparous States sheepskin structure Rica: sheepskin TTI (Todo os Rica) TE45 - 45 AƱos de Radio Club Croatia: 9A CW Award Croatia part Award european nation police force Award (C. A.) Diplome 9A-QRP Kluba certification "Vinko Bek" Diploma RK national capital 80 The catholic John Paul II in Croatia subsidization Worked 9A Counties Award Worked 9A DIG Members honour Worked 9A Locators awarding Worked croat Amateur radio set Prefixes Award Zagreb Digital Award CW - inventor Code: CW Only Awards geographic region Republic: 100 CS grant CCA - czechoslovak Castles Award OKDX Foundation's awarding P 75 P Award Denmark: Bornholm dry land Award Cross a people Award DIA - norse Island present Danish tower honour scandinavian language SSTV DX laurels Fieldday Award FTTF Award gronland subsidisation Halmstad-Helsinge accolade Hans religious person hans christian andersen subsidization OZ Locator subsidisation OZ Prefix Award The danish capital Award The coffee roll covert tuner grant The ship Fyrskib XXI gift Worked Scandinavia on CW subsidization DX (General): Cass (WA6AUD) subsidization 20 QSO's with countries wherever chemical formula I races have been held since 1980.

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Adventures in Russia!

How umpteen fond memories do you have of time spent exploring the umpteen aspects of this hobby? How many of us have found knowledge, careers, lifelong friends and many another priceless memories? I had an advance interest in physical science and got my beginner license at the young age of 13 in August of 1962.

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Contest Calendar

ARRL contests for the next 12 months are listed below. A taxonomic category ARRL social event schedule is as well provided that gives the weekends for all our events, to manoeuvre with long-term thinking of your social event operations.

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International Amateur Radio Awards

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