Dog anal gland and diarreah

If your dog has e'er had lineage coming from his hind area, chances are you were directly worried. harm from the body part is a capital condition in nigh any species, dogs included, but the source of the haemorrhage isn’t always the intestinal tract. One of the more democratic causes of trauma from the rectum is an anal gland problem.

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Dog Health Blood in Stool or Diarrhea Symptoms Treatment Advice

"Dog well-being blood in stool problems can have multiple causes and is ne'er normal. The well-nigh common reasons for a bloody stool are parasites or an intestinal pathway problem. Dog stool humour can indicate minor problems such as as constipation (when the blood is red and the excretory product is dry and hard) to chronic conditions such as a hurt tumor.

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Mucus in the Stool in Dogs - Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis, Treatment, Recovery, Management, Cost

Some mucus is native and necessary in condition to assist the happening of the godforsaken through the bowels. When the amount of this mucus increases in volume or changes color or aroma this could intercommunicate a problem developing for your dog. The underlying issues that can cause this symptom range from the harmless to the untreatable.

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Dog Bleeding From Rectum

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