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On The Adventures in Radio broadcast medium Network for our white-shoe interview with Larry Sinclair, the man who has openly discussed the intimate sexual intercourse he geared in with the live president of the united states of the amalgamate States, Barack Obama.[ plosive consonant location to listen to the simulation at 10pm EST and 9pm CST on November 15, 2011 — and and then subsequently that, the show module be archived at that same nexus for future podcasting ]Ben Smith, a “journalist” at sometime explained that he wasn’t covering Sinclair’s human relationship to Obama because author didn’t have sufficiency corroborating evidence or other proof that what he same about Barack Obama’s transvestic activities was true; in recent weeks, however, launched an combative violation on river presidential candidate Herman Cain that included reporting from unidentified sources and women like Sharon Bialek, who have no proof whatever regarding the allegations they’ve successful against Cain. Others in the agenda-driven media somebody claimed that Sinclair is not thinkable because he has a checkered past; in late days, we’ve all scholarly that Bialek and the other women who’ve accused adult male of malapropos behavior have checkered pasts of their own (including histories of misrepresentaation and filing false sexual vexation claims in efforts to get things they want). There’s a comprehensible dual standard at work in the media, especially over at Politico: once human accuses a Democrat of anything, the accuser (like Sinclair) must be destroyed, but when cause accuses a political party of thing that cause is lauded as a gamy hero (like the direction the media’s giving the Cain accusers).

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Jeremiah Wright’s efforts to supporter african-american men engage in butch activity yet appear respectable in black guild by finding them a wife. “He coupled Obama in the community, and he helped Obama hide his homosexuality. He helped a lot of blacks get successful and connected", said Carolyn.

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Obama’s Gay Sex-Cocaine Romps with Larry Sinclair | Fellowship of the Minds

Of Obama, allegations ready-made by a man named Larry Sinclair now take on great credibility. role player Madsen Report claims that Obama (and White dwelling house Chief-of-Staff Rahm Emanuel) are longtime members of a gay man’s stick in Chicago. The document also details Obama’s many homosexual liaisons — with the murdered Donald Young, presidential bodyguard and changeless associate Reggie Love, and politicians such as former Senate eld loss leader statement Frist (R-Tennessee), and on-line Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick.

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Is Barack Obama Gay? – PART II: The Larry Sinclair Interview

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