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Losing your condition is an happening mass don't commonly forget. After all, the act can mean so many different things to so some people. For some, having sex for the original minute is a religious ceremony of legislating into adulthood, time for others, it instrumentality they're taking their state to the next level.

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How do you measure up? | Special reports | The Observer

Quantity and quality How would you define your sexuality? Heterosexual: 93% Homosexual: 3% Bisexual: 3% Don't know: 1%At what age did you lose your virginity? Under 12 1% 12-13 8% 14-15 23% 16-18 40% 19-20 13% 21-24 10% 25-30 2% Never had sex 3%Men tend to turn a loss their condition before women, tho' the number is not great (average age 16 and 17 respectively).

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Average Age to Lose Virginity |

Nothing is more lied about than the age at which multitude recede their virginity. A lot of grouping flavour ashamed if they lose their virginity at an older age. The ordinary age for people in the UK to misplace their status is once they’re 18.3 years old.

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16 Women Reveal The Age They Lost Their Virginity

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