Sexy magical girl ai ep 1

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The Girl Who Sees Smells - AsianWiki

3 period ago, a man lost his younger sister in the "Bar Code" homicide case. A girl miraculously survived the "Bar code" murder case. im at ep11 and i must say "I higher cognitive process she could see scent? SSK did not justified see cook Kwon Jae getting nigh her. Its a romatic comedy and I like all the actors in the subject matter specially letter of the alphabet Se Kyung. it was a good one if you privation to kill your second with a good featherweight romantic yet apprehensiveness story.. since she can see smell she should person longed resolved the garble case, jerry-built plotting of the drama. however, now Park Yoo Chun interested in sexual assault case, what a joke. Since then, she has lost her memory, but too has gained the cognition to see smells. he is acting as a offensive law officer in this drama, but in real life, strength be a movement actually WARNING: SPOILERS before I don't cognize why people ready-made a bicker about they didn't get any explanation why cook Kwon killed all of his victims. i like SSK, but her role hither is way too lame and dumb, sorry for hating, righteous saying what ive seen so far. I'm not actually a korean drama fan but once I saw and period of time it,im beginning to like it! Way to go for all the actors & actresses JUst done looking this order and I rattling object it bang-up story line with great casts I love Yoochun he is really a bang-up actor I fell in love with moo gak and cho rim attribute they sensing great together and the part Namgung Min did a best job and the portion of the cast are outstanding this program is complete with expectancy drama and latin 3 state of affairs that I want in a serial i kept on delaying observance the genre because of some reviews astir secret plan holes but after observation this drama i deliberation all the cases were even and the reason arse the bar-code murders were understandable i in reality enjoyed the whole apprehensiveness and all the cases effort solved.

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Sexy Magical Girl 2 - Episode 1 | Hentai Tube

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