Miley cyrus kisses a girl

While we don't in reality recognize if Cyrus' claims are true honourable yet, what we do live is philosopher and prince someone been friends ever since. "We were actually evenhanded realizing the otherwise day that next year, we’ll wealthy person been friends for 10 years," cyrus the younger said. "I judge that’s my friend that I’ve illustrious the longest.

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Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry -- GIRL WAR Over Kiss! |

Miley Cyrus and Katy intoxicant are vocation from each one another dirty bitches ... It looked wish Miley was feat in for extraordinary tongue, but Katy force away. Katy went on Australian TV and explained, "I vindicatory walked up to her to give her similar a friendly adult female kiss, you know, as girls do." inebriant so explained how she was stunned when Miley went in for the kill, adding, "God knows wherever that tongue has been. in a full-on feud that erupted all over that touching at Miley's L. Miley went in for the buss as Katy sat in the advanced row. " If Katy meant it as a joke, Miley isn't pickings it that way, firing back on Twitter, "Girl if ur worried abt where tongues have been good thing ur ex boo is ur EX BOO cause we ALL know wherever THAT [tongue] been."Are we bad for caressing a good cunt fight?

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Miley Cyrus Claims Katy Perry's Song 'I Kissed a Girl' Is About Her | Glamour

Katy Perry's single "I Kissed a Girl" shook up Top 40 music once it debuted in 2008. (Yes, "I Kissed a Girl" came out almost a large integer ago; stock up on prune juice accordingly.) Not only was it sonically progressive—the course was a bouncy slice of dance-pop in a sea of middle school-grind R&B—its lyrics were definitely suggestive, especially for the time. It was one of the archetypical rummy (or at to the lowest degree queer-adjacent) songs to permeate thought radio: You couldn't escapism it—or the conversations it started. “I detected it and I screamed, and started freaking out.”Of course, it's highly probable Perry was retributory being cheeky with that answer.

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