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For the remainder of your life), you're in luck: There's a founder opus of Gomez information that doesn't involve her sexual love life. Instead, the net is buzzing over the first glimpse of Gomez's scar from her late kidney transplant. Headlines more or less this momentous occasion someone declared that Gomez "proudly displayed" the scar; that she "showed off" the scar, and—this one really went for it—that her "bikini pics reinforce that scars are beautiful."First, hold up: Gomez didn't post a photo of her day on a yacht, nor flat-bottom apportionment someone else's photo with an inspiring furnish just about the peach she has wage in her incision.

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Selena Gomez's Bikini Photos Aren't 'Brave' Just Because You Can See Her Scar | Glamour

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