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"When Lambs and Aliens Meet: Girl-Faggots and Boy-Dykes Go to the Movies." In: Cross-Purposes: Lesbians, Feminists, and the Limits of alinement / emended by Dana Heller. Two actual differentlyconceived lesbian and gay festival organizations, sites at which decision making about aggregative identification is in progress andself-conscious, are examined. pp: 95-106 Bloomington, IN: hoosier state University Press, c1997."Lesbians and Film." In: Out in Culture: Gay, Lesbian, and Queer Essays on touristy Culture / editedby Corey K. The infinitesimal calculus traces how for each one responds to two attached tasks: maintaining community legitimacy,which requires grouping diversification, and surviving inside an revised institutional environment. The conformation ofcollective identity - how internal instabilities and diversities are accommodated, in this case - depends not only on the emergentcharacteristics of the collective, but also on the finding of challenges especial to organizational fields.

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Computer-Generated Imagery - Cinema and Media Studies - Oxford Bibliographies

Computer-generated imagery or CGI is an structure of digital visualization practices that, pursuing its emergence in the late 1960s, quickly came to clasp a privileged relation to moving picture production —affecting in individual animation, special effects, and the big-budget blockbuster. In these areas, digital imaging is systematically pushed to its limits by an ever-advancing state of the art. In a view promoted by the diligence through plenteous “making-of” coverage, CGI is powerfully identified in the popular imagination with dramatic special effects, demonstrating Hollywood’s art at realizing antic visions.

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Gays & Lesbians in Motion Pictures: A Bibliography of Materials in the UC Berkeley Libraries

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