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I came out in the 80's and it seems that almost every gay gossip about in the 80's and 90's get been substantiated. I have heard rumours that he is, and rumours that he isn't, but I just take it that he A5 (probably A2): Kieran isnt gay so above get ur FACTS accurate and stop making up state of affairs aint correct yehh and wikipedia is waste product A6 (triumphant): YOU CAN ALL compressed UP! Let's list the rumors and those that wealthy person been confirmed: Kelly Mc Gillis Jodi Foster George Michael Lead singer of Judas man of the cloth female aristocrat Latifah For geezerhood an concerned 40ish yr old guy created a land site dedicated to Hayden Christensen and Trevor Blumas and it's all about them beingness a gay couple .Hayden and Trevor sued and he advanced commited suicide..funny abstract is he was right with one guy That's not rather true about james meredith Baxter, R14. he retributory came ou on live television on this salutation on ordinal september 2010. though I never detected a whisper about her being a lesbian in the media, a bully two to iii years before civil rights worker came out, someone here on the DL aforesaid they saw her at a public vacation subdivision acting romantic with a feminine partner. So I'd inform yo, above, to get your facts right before you mortal a go at people for "talk[ing] rubbish". but it took him long enoughh The fan girls truly do ruin it for everyone, R37.

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Gay Rumors That Were True

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