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The Laodicean Passover was Wednesday March 7th, 2018 (2017Adar14). 2017Adar14 is 101 months afterwards the end of Satan's property on 2009Tishri14. And Laodicea is a dry land, a true faith without a thing baptism. These are MENE MENE TEKEL of Daniel5 (101 shekels) a month for a shekel. It will be celebrated separately by Laodicea and the Watchtower. Laodicea is the peninsula and Zoar is arabia essentially. All Laodiceans and all JWs Bethelites (sitting upon the throne of Pharaoh) should abide by the 1st tower Passover on 2018Iyyar14 (Monday 2018April30 at sunset) with Laodicea.

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I'm a character actor and I get unoriented in these characters, so I conceive it's simply recently that citizenry individual begun to connect dots and go, 'Oh, that's the same human body that did this, this, this, this and this! One time someone called me an illusionist, and that was the nicest matter anyone has ever said.

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