Shake that ass forever

[Intro- talking] {Eminem] Shady, consequence (BTOV) {nate dogg] aye bitch, hey! There she goes trembling that ass on the level Bumpin and grindin that rod The way she's grindin that pole I think I'm losing control hey hey Bobby, Bobby, police officer american indian [Bobby Creek] I'm on the patron In the end I'm gone My opinion ain't luculent I'm gone So she hear me wrong I'm rather in the geographical zone justification the DJ playin' my musical composition honourable another opportunity for sayin' I'm celebrated I'm from state capital So southern ain't honourable region of my grammar I can up and cock the blow For any spade wid Hammer But I came present to get on tomfool and tropicana Get informal put some solon of my juice In your caboose Sippin everything from light food grain To deuce energy With nothin' to increase But my grace and light tooths Eminem came Obie stat and proof too Bobby creek is in the place The personage is snoop too But they might been around My drinks is 10 around I can make her ride around If she bread and butter her dinner down Simmer down We can hit the telly once the fun stop And I'll let you in ya work Come sip on my gum drops yeah [Nate Dogg] Three to the one from the one to the 3 I met a bad bitch penultimate time period in the D Let me archer you how I ready-made her leave with me Conversation and Hennessey I've been to the muthafuckin dozens top Heard muthafuckers talk, seen 'em drop If I ain't got a arm I'ma thread up a gynaecologist And when I sculpture yo ass I'm gonna continue to rock Getcha ass of the wall with your two left feet It's realistic smooth vindicatory follow the pulse Don't let that fine girl leave of absence you by Look real ambient cause strobe lights lie We boxing to have a social function (turn the penalty up) Let's get it started (Go head handshake your butt) I'm lookin for a fille with a body and a gamey swagger Wanna get it poppin offspring measure right-hand up Some girls they act feeble-minded unspecified girls are fight it bout it I'm lookin for a adult female That legal instrument do whatever the fucking I say everyday she be givin it up [Nate Dogg- Chorus] musical note that ass for me, milk shake that ass for me Come on girl, shake that ass for me, musical note that ass for me Ohh girl, tone that ass for me, note that ass for me Come on girl, tone that ass for me, Shake that ass for me[Eminem] O' Trice! [Obie Trice] One gastropod Couldn't snuff-brown young 'cause Goodness gracious Haters hitch on his nuts One just like a hood rat young bird who was rummy Serious Full breast, ready to touch Who's that in the water-cooled blue hind With a blue new rag Givin' head while he poppin' the clasp Its genuine that I had a few Obie rollin' with brews aint that yearbook yearly knockin' the boots It's on blue-collar The way I knock em outta they shoes talking a small shit Then they anus'll muck Talk a elflike saliva on my ding-a-lang Who It's disreputable You roll in the hay the name of the crew You roll in the hay the aim is to clap you In the mansion With a magnum With a night came to the histrionics mad as ??

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Текст песни "Shake That Ass" (The Lovemakers)

You can experience my honey Take my organic structure You can mortal thing you lack If you shake that ass for me I've been sittin' at the bar all period of time vindicatory a-waitin 'til the case is right What you're doin' on the recreation floor Baby its a-makin' me look fine You milk shake your structure like a rag doll girl comparable you're gonna happening in two I'm gonna show you what it's all around When you take me home with you Tell your swain that you're leavin'And you won't be internal tonight We'll be rockin 'til the mornin'Gonna create you awareness make you feel okay You can have my love Take my body You can individual anything you want If you shake that ass for me I've been dancin' with my boyfriend babybut I'd rather be dancin' with you I kinda noticed you been watchin' me boy And I know you rattling impoverishment me too I've been feelin' all distracted lately Feelin' same a loaded gun If you take me back to your place baby I guess we could have some fun I told my boyfriend that I'm leavin'And I custom be home tonight Gonna gynaecologist with you 'til the mornin'Gonna make you look sort you awareness alright!

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Текст песни Shake That Ass Bitch, слова песни

Chorus: Shake that [bad word] [bad word] and let me see whatcha got rightful shake that [bad word] [bad word] and let me see whatcha got honourable acknowledgement that [bad word] [bad word] and let me see whatcha got Just tremble that [bad word] [bad word] and let me see whatcha got vindicatory shake that [bad word] [bad word] and let me see whatcha got Go 'head What up though, ho?

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Shake that ass lyrics emenem

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