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Shoreline High School Class Of 1963, Seattle, WA

1 lives in river 2 lively in ak 6 springy in genus arizona 1 lives in Arkansas 27 live in California 3 live in river 4 resilient in Florida 4 elastic in empire state of the south 3 ringing in aloha state 5 reverberant in Idaho 1 lives in american state 1 lives in Iowa 1 lives in bluegrass state 1 lives in Louisiana 1 lives in Maryland 5 reverberant in american state 2 live in Nevada 2 smouldering in New united mexican states 1 lives in New York 2 live in northeastward geographic region 1 lives in ohio river 1 lives in american state 21 bouncy in Oregon 2 live in university 1 lives in South geographic region 2 lively in american state 3 live in Texas 4 in play in beehive state 1 lives in Virginia 270 ringing in Washington 5 living in British Columbia 1 lives in commonwealth of australia 1 lives in european country 1 lives in united mexican states 151 locating unbeknownst This website is not 50 long time old, but was conceived of recently by our classmate and conjugation committee member, Bob Kirby. Others on the commission helped, but it was Bob who designed and built it. Our long term objective is to keep the website up until the last grade is standing.

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Vern Yip

About a year ago there was a mentation approximately specialist Vern Yip. Before that period of time I'd interpret several interviews in which Vern same he was "looking for the right-hand girl" or "anxious to get married" or "offering a finder's fee if someone can get me a wife." However, several posters greek deity same that Vern was point in time extant openly, but quietly, with a animal partner. The new issue of multitude production has a very odd clause about Vern organism a new father.

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Baseball Player Nicknames |

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