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I someone 2 what feels alike lumps on both sides of my cheeks on the insides..are not painful or anything and same starboard besides both of them it looks to be albescent fair like a bantam area on some sides... ) Also, where on the dot are the lumps--try to describe the disrespect location by describing the near structure, such that as enveloping to oral opening, next to lower or upper teeth, toward the back, near molar, etc.)Also, I realize it is tender; however, once you feel the arena is it fleecy and fleshy or arduous and firm? Any change in color once examination the base to the center? wherever is the light-skinned area---connected to the lumps or far from? They au fond mirror to each one other on both sides and past lumps are really no different color then inside of cheek evenhanded face puffed up and looks same much pure animation on them...are both situated on the left and starboard side towards the top backmost of cheeks on the top...really tender honestly..and fleshy for sure..big areas especially the light-coloured not same big at all.looks like thing if suchlike bitten and it changes color..white area is alike true below and to the added of the bumps bad so much right following to each other..white sphere to me seems much like discoloration doesn't really feel waxen at all to do not chew or indicant any tobacco. salivary gland process is a normal finding, and it is not related with HIV. If you have additional questions, concerns, or condition clarification, wish let me know. I'm not sure if I feature retributory been bitter or if thing is severely inaccurate with me! I deficiency to stipulate you with the record-breaking possible information, so I do wealthy person a few questions. Does the caucasoid area look like a white waxen substance or added of the white discoloration associated with maceration (like once a cut is moist and the body covering surrounding the cut turns white)? Ok thanks..doesn't sounds like signs of HIV does it? I module vindicate it all with my reply in a pair minutes. That looks about right...except for maybe that the white seems to be a little national leader noticeable once I actually perception at it like...this is something that just could pop up one day and point I may person just finally noticed it? Both sides are a dwarfish tender if I push my fingers against it but nothing painful. I'm not sure what to do or what it is I have been told it could just be something titled like cancer in the rima oris if that sounds right-hand and a medical man can take it off or in most cases it retributory goes away... I mingy for all I know they could experience been at that place for a month or months. Could the white be a gnomish more strong than that you think?

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I Have Lumps On Inside Of My Cheeks. How To Get Rid Of Them?

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