Stop being gay christian

I began blogging in 2011 for a specific reason: to bring a very backstage number in my beingness to public light. Whether in drunken sexual practice or engaged monogamy, homosexual behavior is a abominable evil — on with fornication, adultery, and every other word form of sexed sin. Homosexuality, same-sex attraction, "being gay" — whatever you want to call it — has always shared the life room of my soul. So for the past four-going-on-five years, I've been written material and muttering about the enmity 'tween my faith in Jesus and my current sweat with homosexuality. Because individual who doesn't fit into the boxes of "God-will-make-you-straight Christianity" or "stay-gay-it's-okay Christianity" has to state a voice to this struggle. They're bleary of symptomless thought ministers making them untrue promises of development somebody desires. Some seasons it has been a friend, some seasons it's been a foe, but in every season, it's been persistently present. once I was ready-made live by the unsparing compassion of God in the gospel, about grouping assumed one of two things. The Bible doesn't teach that God gives person desires to all same-sex attracted believers. and if he doesn't, he is inactive magna cum laude of our love and obedience (celibacy). They're bleary of cheap-grace teachers telling them God's okay with them attractive in homo relationships.

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I'm a  Gay Christian -- So What Are My Options?

Gay and lesbian Christians often expect they mortal only two options -- either to submit to change medical care in order to become "heterosexual" or to joint the gay world in indulging in gay sex. But this either/or argument is one invented by the spiritual being himself, I'm sure, because attempting either option can solvent in a kindhearted of slavery. The good enough News is that Jesus came to snap us freedom! So care stay with me to examine approximately other options.

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Christians, Stop Saying 'Being Gay Is a Choice'

Last time period I was sitting in my grandparents' people room, watching Fox information and consumption some deliciousness that my grandmother baked up. It's been quite some clip since I've been able to sit and meeting with them, as I've been living in New metropolis for the former two years. But God's lot has brought me posterior home for the moment being and allowed me to reconnect with them (and by think with them, I mean live with them – since I'm still in the job-search stage of employment, lol).

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10 Empowering Truths for Gay Christians

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