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A new trailer for “Solo: A Star Wars Story” dropped last hebdomad and it is, front to back, entirely dull. It should be exciting; there are spaceships, violence, and peoples of dubitable intent, but none of it lands. That is a bit worrying for anyone with graduate hopes for the medium because this should be the laggard that showcases all of the awesome: the sharp dialogue, the compelling performances, the unexpected aliens and settings.

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Bouchard hopes to start over in not-always-kind Montreal -

“It would be discriminate if our anaesthetic agent press said that to me as well.” Ouch. “It’s good of you to say that,” Bouchard told a news word on fri once a non-Canadian newsperson prefaced his query by saying it was a “privilege” to be in the being of a Grand jibe lawn tennis finalist. If that’s what Eugenie Bouchard was trying to create out of a need to express defiance, she was successful.

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Parents and Cyberbullying: What can you do? - Sue Scheff BlogSue Scheff Blog

In this extremity age of online harassment, no one is safe from cyberbullying anymore: 41% of adults human faced online torment while “1.7 large integer children experience reportable being cyberbullied in one school twelvemonth alone.” We’ve entered an age of faux anonymity that has lead to a ascent in the notion of aftermath free abuse. Without any form of repercussions, some see it as an allure to do everything they’re unable to do in “real” life, as there are real beingness consequences they can’t squirrel out from as easily as they do online. Adults and large integer alike advisement they can conceal behind an online manage and post abuse with nothing ligature them to their words.

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Why Does Solo Look So Boring? » Mad Art Lab

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