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It's the on the hook new way teens are deed bibulous -- and it's going viral. It's titled "smoking alcohol." You don't drunkenness the booze, you smoke it. Sounds bizarre, but those vapors give you an bit high. Here's the problem: Doctors say it's improbably parlous and can be super addictive. Doctors are issuing an pressing warning: Don't try this at home.

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Remember this extremely viral photo of drunk girls? Here’s a ‘before’ photo…

IF YOU experience been on the cyberspace at all over the agone few years, you rich person probably stumbled across this photo at many point. all time it surfaces over again a friend posts it to FB. The pic shows 3 friends at a wedding after having had, shall we say, a few beverages. Also, the pic is not because they are trashed, they a doing shakey face. Since then, it has been meme-ified on the far side recognition and attended by captions that construe “LOL OMG bacchic FAIL”.

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