Sexual harassment the workplace

As an employer, you have a province to maintain a workplace that is at liberty of sexual harassment. This is your statutory obligation, but it likewise makes groovy business sense. If you accept physiological property vexation to flourish in your workplace, you intention pay a broad value in poor worker morale, low productivity, and lawsuits.

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Workplace Sexual Harassment Prevention | Employee Training » Workplace Answers

From 9-to-5, our instance belongs to others—be it customers, clients coworkers or colleagues—our minute is shared. And how we spend it—and with whom we spend it—isn’t unremarkably in our control. But one thing that should be in our control—regardless of our industry, gender, bodily property or smooth time of day—is sexy harassment in the workplace.

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Reporting Workplace Sexual Harassment in Pennsylvania | PA.GOV

Experiencing workplace unisexual harassment – whether it is verbal or physical – is ne'er your fault. This guidebook brings together information and resources on how to identify and report work harassment. 81 percent of women and 20 pct of men undergo unisexual molestation in the workplace. The best way to be capable to utter out against sexual vexation when it happens to you or individual about you is to be informed.

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Preventing Sexual Harassment in the Workplace |

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