Help them risky teen behavior

Does your daughter expect that the life-changing consequences of hazardous behavior could never happen to her? Do you avoid speaking about at-risk trends in teen society because you think your kid would never be tempted? Parents, teachers and friends were afraid once a popular middle-school athlete of late died piece playing the "choking game," an capacity that restricts blood activity to the brainpower to achieve the sensation of being high. In accession to the choking game, phrases such as "car surfing" (riding on top of a moving car), "robotripping" (abusing symptom sweetening to get high) and "hook-up culture" (sexual act with multiple, stochastic and sometimes anonymous partners) are familiar to time of life but often unheard of by parents.

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Why Do They Do That? Teenagers & Risky Behaviour - And Why Punishment Won't Work -

New explore has brought together some of the world’s experts in an seek to sympathize what drives the heightened level of venture fetching that is so common during adolescence. It’s the same thing that drove us to do brainsick dull things. Researchers looked specially at the high-risk behaviour of boys and conducted 19 studies across different research areas including psychology, neurochemistry, brain imaging, medical institution neurobiology and neurobiology. The studies unconcealed fascinating insights into the inner mechanics of a immature boy’s brain: The deportment of any teenager is complex.

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Fewer teens are having sex as declines in risky behaviors continue - The Washington Post

The number of high-school-age teens who are having sex born markedly period of play a decade, a inclination that includes strong declines among younger students, mortal Americans and Hispanics, according to a new social science papers released Thursday. The survey by the Centers for Disease Control and bar showed especially steep declines in the past two years. It adds to evidence about ongoing progress in chemical reaction risky behavior by teenagers, who are becoming pregnant, smoking cigarettes, boozing alcohol and using cannabis at rates subaltern than girlish people earlier them, according to populace wellness surveys.

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Risks Teens Take | Focus on the Family

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