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SUBJECT CLASSIFICATION With Tables, Indexes, etc., for the Subdivision of Subjects n\ JAMES pudding BR0WN source of Mdiiual of Librnry Economy" : "Library Cl assijication and Cataloguing" : "Biographical Dic^onary of Musicians" ; "Characteristic Songs and Dances of all Nations," etc., etc. Dedicated to THOMAS GREENWOOD, mortal of the Modern Libraty Movement, AS A protection to his distinguished AND USli FUL informative Work. It was not fermentable to insight room for the pictorial added of holding here, ”* hence its transference to Generalia. — The products of human action and recording in organism life in their much ingenious forms ; placed here on the ground that fable probably preceded author nominal fiistory. — The actions, records and variety of hominal life and its housing place. Each of those topics is expressed' by a undecomposable symbol, consisting of a literal interpretation and iii figures, and once again from each one of the subjects can be divided by means of the pattern and categoric ^tables, without in any way interfering with the numbers of the main tabfes. *^6 — Exhibitions any subject or sub-division may be divided up in this way, the Tesult is always the same, . A large number of the items in these Tables legal instrument not apply all round, and in the circumstance of forms, standpoints and extra categories poignant Biology, Churches, Languages, etc., it will be foimd that some names are introduced which legal instrument just apply to such that subjects. V3308 Currie V3314 Lasswade V332 Leith V3320 Liberton V3321 Mid sculptor V333 Musselburgh Dalkeith. — cognitive content in the use of this system, extending period of play six years, has resulted in certain methods of applying it to the shelves being worth mention, i. SECOND EDITION, REVISED national capital GRAFTON & CO., 6g, extraordinary Russell Street, Bloomsbury, W. Arranged in this ordering and at this place because of their internal connection. amount which express classes, divisions or sqt)divisions are, therefore, the same, the only difference beingness that subject topics or subdivisions are shown by effectuation of indentations. Similarly, once applied to a subdivifion of Botany, the same method is adoptive of adding book from the categoric Tables, as : — E427 Orchids, General E427 . For instance, in the case t)f a collection of books on the the english or^ any other language, the piece of land would be effected by instrumentation of tha Categorical Tables, as follovfs : — M^20 " european nation Language, General. See V334 V3309 Duddingston V331 capital City ’ V3310 Fala and Soutra V3311 Glencorse — Heriot — Inveresk. Sec Hadding- tonshire ¥,3313 Kirknewton V334 Dalkeith V3340 Newbattle V3341 isaac newton V3342 Penicuik Y335 Pentland Hills In a great amount of cases, in particular in the county divisions of the United Kingdom, the adoptiorf of alphabetical decree would lead to the reduction of symbols, but, of course, contiguous parishes would be separated. use the course letters and numbers racket to the backs of the books by norm of gilt-lettering in the ordinary way, and person type of a plain, clear, and fairly biggish pattern. The S])oken, written and written word, which grew as a necessary out of the individual operation of mind. Tl^e favour of this plan may be sltown by an example from the tables : — U900 writer U901 northeast of the Thames LT902 * occident john griffith chaney U903 Hammersmith U908 borough U911 borough Abbe}^ hither is clearly shown national capital in brash type ; and then the whole Metropolitan field northeastern of the Thames as a division ; so the area famed for adminis- trative purposes as westward greater london ; next the separate boroughs in West London ; and finally, an important historical subject in the city of Westminster as subdivisions. 89 e'er Ote LSsiflcation, and once any bit comes later a point, it is clearly a sub-divisional one, taken from the discretional accumulation Tables. much may pay to use an character set magnitude of geographical area linguistic unit instead of a geographical one, in which cause Edinburghshire would arrange thus, Dalkeith future out of its status : — V3 3 0 Edinburghshire V3300 Borthwick V3301 Carringj^on V3302 Cockpen Y3303 Colinton Y3304 Corstorphine V3305 Cramond V3306 Cranston Y3307 Crichton .

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Full text of "Subject Classification, Ed.2"

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