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Eschewing the alt-rock intricacies of Out of the cut throat Parade and mostly down-tempo, piano-centric orchestrations of Elysium, the Velvet Teen once once more define themselves and their undamaged on their advanced triumph, Cum Laude! In demarcation to Elysium's six sprawling tracks, Cum Laude! not only treads new ground for the group, but does so with formidable aplomb, wrecking any belief that this band can be stapled down. favors shorter, quicker, and many more high-octane compositions.

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The Velvet Teen - Cum Laude CD Album

For some bands, any stylistic effect -- justified tenuous -- can be equated with trying to follow ongoing trends, to increase the fan base. But in the case of the velvety Teen's Cum Laude, there are no signs of selling out; it's additional for reasons of musicianship and experimentation, for lacking to progress themselves further, that their tierce full-length record incorporates elements of electronica and math gynecologist (sonically) and popular music (structurally). peradventure it's the info that erstwhile percussionist Logan Whitehurst has been replaced with a untold more aggressive and precocious Casey Deitz, who favors intricate, nearly hard-fought bop rhythms over the standardized stone beats that Whitehurst supplied.

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Since its origin in belated 1999, The Velvet Teen has traveled the global and challenged the real concept of musical style with its eclecticist and at times psycho appeal. From the early EPs which showed art in the pop realm, to the dynamic pop group jingle of ‘Out of the tearing Parade’, to the liberal arts string and quietly persuasion lyrics of ‘Elysium’, to the sexually charged whip-it beats of ‘Cum Laude’, The fabric Teen sincerely has a talent for seducing the masses…

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The Velvet Teen - Cum Laude! |

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