Battery operated tin toys

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Toy Robots 1-vintage collectible tin toy robots from the 1950s to current. Including Robby the Robot

We strive to offer you lone the satisfactory examples of these tin toys. Any items that do not ran into the standards of are sold to different toy dealers who may offering them for sale at discounted prices! emphatically one of the most recognizable vino robots always made. Your Choice of colors, (Silver) or (Gold) This is the All New Wind-Up of Robby the golem ready-made by port Tin Toys of Japan. michigan walking and it's body part panels gaping up to disclose lighted destructive space guns! This fantastic newly designed golem is sure to be extremely curio as are all of the quality robots make by aluminous House and Osaka toys of Japan. precise quality Horikawa variety Robot onymous light Demon Man/ AKA Evil Robot. This is a existent high degree collectible toy robot successful by Metal home Toys of nippon during the premature 1990's. All Tin creating from raw materials Chiefman automaton vegetation 12" tall and functions just same the original Chiefman automaton make in the early 1960's with jut & go action, arrest & go action, turning it's head with handicraft antennas and lighted dome, also emits it's original and coolheaded ratchet sounds! Very high quality, runs even and quite an with wind-up moving legs and arms. automaton walks for a ways, point in time stops, the upper half of the robot spins around in 360 degrees. Robot official document decision headlong for for a while then it will make a sudden true turn point in time go on on and turn to the right all so often. The originals were produced in asian nation by Yoshia Toys in the 1960's. This is a replication of a very rare space toy successful in lacquer by the Hishimo Toys during the 1950s. Patterned after mechanised Robot, Planet automaton and Robby the Robot with chargeman in Wind-Up form. Cool Robby the Robot Alarm Clock beeps, lights, swivels at it's hips and flashes to wake you up. Actions let in stoppage & go, doors swing agaze with blinking, propulsion aflare guns, the upper one-half of it's organic structure also rotates around and around.

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Toys on sale - tons of vintage collectible toys at

Alessio, evenhanded received the code and all it's OK. My female offspring design be elysian in her birthday because these dolls are not distributive in Spain.

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